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Hyeok Kim()
Ͻ 2015.03.09()  11:00~12:00
Interfacial Engineering in Disordered Semiconductor Devices for Flexible Optoelectronics

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1.  : Interfacial Engineering in Disordered Semiconductor Devices for Flexible                                              Optoelectronics
2.  : Hyeok Kim (National Institute for Scientific Research)
3.  : 2015 3 9 (), 11:00~12:00
4.  : б 301 1420ȣ
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      A prospect of flexible electronics lines with the development of functional devices based on disordered semiconductors, such as organic and soluble inorganic materials. Flexible optoelectronic applications need a wide variety of electronic components of photovoltaics (PVs), organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) and field effect transistors (FETs). Those devices are basically composed of two- or three-terminal contacts which have the interfaces of metal/semiconductor (SC), dielectric/SC and SC/SC. Thus, the interfacial engineering is predominant to realize those devices for flexible application. A crucial issue concerning charge injection at the interface of electrode/organic semiconductor is recently rising in order to improve the electrical performance of diodes and FETs. This presentation gives an investigation on charge injection via the modification of electrodes with self assembled monolayers (SAMs) in organic electronic devices. Functionalized SAMs with fluorine at the end group plays a substantial role to improve charge injection through a dipolar effect to decrease barrier height at the electrode/semiconductor interface in a planar diode and organic field effect transistors (OFETs). This is extended to significant enhancement of electrical performance such as field effect mobility and contact resistance in OFET.

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Research Scientist, KIST (Korea Institute of Science and Technology) / May 2013 ~ Jan 2014
Senior Research Engineer, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Samsung Electronics Corp. / Jan. 2011 ~ Apr. 2013
Computational and Analytical Science Center/ Research Staff Member / May 2012 ~ Apr. 2013
Material and Device Lab./ Research Staff Member / Jan.2011 ~ May 2012
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